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Selenius Design was founded in 2005 by Mikael Selenius, with a Bachelor degreefrom Umeň Institute of design. Since then the company has been providing services within design and product development. We are a small firm with a big network that allow us to provide all the services our costumers may need.


Mikael Selenius


- We do not have a big ego...We set project goals in focus, we do not care about prestige, or who did what.
We are only interested in the results and in the quality of our mutual efforts.


- You know the facts, we see the opportunities ...
You know everything about your product and your market, this knowledge combined with our fresh eyes and ability to innovate, leads to a competative product.


- We are adjustable...
We have extensive experience working with small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.
We are good at adapting to you and your industry, production methods and general conditions.


 - The products' user calls the shot...
It is only he or she who knows how the product should be designed, therefore, we always find out who he/she is and talk to him/her. This gives us the key to the the product's design.