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"To design a good looking product is a piece of cake,
to meet the demands of the market is rocket science"


That's why we usaually work like this... 


Market analysis

Which market are we addressing and where is the market?

Who are the competitors?

What are their strong points and weak spots?


Identification of the target group

Who are they?

In which context do they use the product, in what ways do that inflict the

Urban, suburban or rural?

Who are he/she/they? Gender, age, taste and general preferences?


Competitor analysis

With the feedback from the target group we are able to evaluate how well the competitors are doing according to the demands of the users. 

Ergonomics, aesthetics, construction, function etc. How well have they succeeded?

On the basis of this, we can work on a design and market strategy;

What can we improve or innovate?

Which level of performance do we expect from our product in different areas?


Final concept

With the most crucial decisions made regarding the final stage of the project - the constuction phase - the final concept needs refinement and definement.

This is done in CAD, mock-up in scale 1:1 and claymodels. This work is essential to avoid costly mistakes later on.

At this point in the process it's also an excellent opportunity to present the project for our users or any other focus group to get their final feedback - if we want.












Initial ideation

On the basis of the market analysis we ask ourselves;

Can we do it like this instead?

Down with all our ideas and everything on paper right away!

These sketches and ideas are brought to the target group for evaluation...


User interviewes

We identify and contact a few representatives of the target group to ask them about their relationship to the product.

How and where do they use it?

What do they lack and what are the sources of irritation?

Who are he/she/they.  Gender, age, taste and general preferences?

How do they feel about the competitors - and why?


Concept development

Now we know enough to develop one, two or several concept proposals which
can be the foundation for a production - go ahead.

In this phase we like to work in tight cooperation with the client, to benefit from
his experience from production.